Hot Chocolate at Vosges, New York, USA

This past weekend we were in New York City, a city that is filled with fantastic hot chocolate places….if you know where to find them. I haven’t had a hot chocolate in a few weeks (a very rare occurrence) so I was looking for my first hot chocolate to be really good. Increasingly, I’m finding that chocolate shops are providing not just very nice hot chocolates, but some tables and chairs in the store to enjoy them on. While walking through Soho, out of the blue, or should I say purple, we spotted Vosges. It looked slightly crazy with its Halloween inspired window displays and bright purple walls. This was the hot chocolate I wanted.

We asked at the cash. Of course they have hot chocolate, three in fact. One white, one milk and one dark. Ialmost always prefer the dark, so we ordered one each and sat at the high tables at the front of the store and watched New Yorkers and tourists walk by through the streets of Soho as we waiting for our treat. This hot chocolate was beautiful. It came on a rectangular piece of wood in a gorgeous black mug accompanied by a little square dish of whipping cream and a spoon.

I loved this hot chocolate. It was perfect and exactly what I needed to kick start the fall/winter hot chocolate drinking season. It was deliciously dark and creamy but with a hint of cinnamon and dash of chilli that made it addictive. It disappeared very quickly.

After finishing my drink, I took a look around the chocolate shop. They have all sorts of wacky chocolatesincluding chocolate covered bacon but all very beautifully displayed. I was taking pictures of course to be able to share this great spot with you but it got me in trouble. The manager very quickly told me I couldn’t take photo’s,but by then I had all I needed. So if you are reading this I’m sorry for taking pictures, but it was for a good cause and hopefully will lead to others trying out your hot chocolate.

Verdict:  I liked it and know you will too.   Vosges ( 132 Spring Street, New York, USA (also in several other locations across the US)

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