News Cafe, Miami South Beach, USA

I spent the past weekend in Miami, South Beach. South Beach isn’t necessarily known for its hot chocolate, but I had the chance to experience a handful of places first hand. First stop, News Cafe. Open since 1988, News Cafe started as a small sidewalk cafe and bookstore on the corner of 8th and Ocean Drive in the Art Deco District of Miami Beach. Today it is open 24 hours a day and serves a steady stream of tourists and locals drinks, coffees and food.

We waited for a few minutes to get a table outside for the view and to enjoy the weather. I had read that since the 18% tip is included in the bill the servers almost go out of their way to be snappy and unfriendly but our waiter was buzzing and all smiles.  My hot chocolate came in a large glass mug with a handle. It was topped with a dollop of whip cream and finished off with a straw.It was the first time I had a hot chocolate with a straw in it. I was skeptical about the straw, but pleasantly surprised, it worked for me. The hot chocolate was a bit too sweet, not something I would or could drink every day, and the glass was too big, but other than that I enjoyed it. Most of all I just enjoyed sitting and watching the palm trees sway in the breeze.

We also had breakfast but weren’t so impressed. Eggs benedict is meant to have hollandaise sauce, not cream cheese sauce. Why would you do that? Regardless I would be happy to sit at News Cafe every morning and watch the crazy world of South Beach go by.

Verdict: If you are in South Beach you have to sit at one of the terraces on Ocean Drive at least once. News Cafe is a great place to watch the craziness of South Beach walk by. Would happily come back.

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