Hot Chocolate at Fort Saint George, Cambridge, UK

The Fort is the oldest pub on the river Cam with parts of building dating back to the 16th Century. Its name comes from its resemblance to the fort St.. George in Madras India which was the first British fort in the colony.

The fort has changed a lot over the years. Every time there is a new manager things change quite a bit, including the hot chocolates. I have had 4 different types of hot chocolate at Fort Saint George and they have always been good.

The Fort itself could be a much better pub but it’s location is incredible. From one side you have a view of Midsummer Commons where in the summer months you can watch the cows munching on grass. From the other side of the Fort you can sit along the river cam and watch the house boats and ducks. Inside grab a seat next to the fireplace to warm up on a cold wet day.

Verdict: Grab a seat outside right along the river cam to enjoy your hot chocolate while watching the swans. Fort Saint George, Midsummer Common, Cambridge, UK.