Hot Chocolate at Bokado, San Sebastian, Spain

I’ve had hot chocolates in a lot of different countries over the years. It always fascinates me how every country does it slightly differently. I like how the Spanish create their hot chocolate. It is usually thick and gooey here, like pudding, but still not as sweet as you would expect.

Bokado is a bar/café/restaurant above the Aquarium in San Sebastian. From here you have a stunning view of the town.

The café itself is very crisp and clean looking. Everything in the café is either grey or white and very modern. It is Sunday which means everyone is out walking with family and friends and many stop here and at other cafes to grab a drink. I am the only person drinking alone but that doesn’t fuss me because the hot chocolate was good. It was thick, the consistency of a rich chocolate pudding but not heavy or sweet.

Verdict: Fantastic view, good hot chocolate, what else do you need? There are few places as beautiful as San Sebastian. Bokado 3 euros

Cola Cao at Astoria 7 Hotel, San Sebastian, Spain

San Sebastian hosts a film festival every September. It is one of the main international film festivals rivalling Berlin’s and Toronto’s. This hotel has been completely inspired by these films. The lobby walls are covered in black and white pictures of film stars back in the day doing glamorous things. Each of the rooms are dedicated to a famous actor, director or producer. My room is the Cohen Brothers room, the last thing I see before I go to bed at night is a giant picture of the two of them staring right at me. If staring at their picture in my room inspires me to see their movies I can. All I need to do is call reception and they will send me up any of the 500 different movies that they have downstairs in their projection room for me to watch.

It’s a fantastic hotel and the breakfast room has the same sort of movie star feel to it.  I looked forward every morning to having their omelette with Spanish ham and cheese (my mouth is watering just thinking about it) and of course my hot chocolate.

The hot chocolate they have is a pouch of powder called Cola Cao which they bring to me with a jug of hot milk. I quite liked this, it is the kind of hot chocolate I could have (and was having) every morning. It has a very faint taste of chocolate with a bit of a malty finish to it. It isn’t too sweet, just nice and simple.

Verdict: Despite the main ingredient being sugar I quite enjoyed this hot chocolate and was happy to drink it every morning that I stayed at the hotel. The hotel also has a café that probably serves a fancier version but I didn’t have the chance to try it out. Astoria 7 Hotel, Sagrada Familia 1, San Sebastian, Spain