Hot Chocolate at Confeteria Colombo (Copacabana), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

We visited Confetaria Colombo Café Centro during our first days in Rio, and had the pleasure to visit Confeitaria Colombo’s Copacabana café  on the last day of our trip, just before going to the airport. This one is tucked inside the Fort of Copacabana that separates Copacabana beach from Ipanema beach and from where you have a stunning view of all of Copacabana and the open water. To get into the fort you need to pay a few dollars but it is worth it, not just because it is a lovely and interesting walk, but because this café is within the property of the fort itself.

The décor in this café  is much simplier and elegant than the original, but what this one has that the others doesn’t is Copacabana beach. We are directed to a small desk outside the front door to put our names on a waiting list for the tables outside. There are only two names before us and a good 30 plus tables so we wait. It only takes 5 minutes before we are directed to our table right along the fort walls overlooking the beach, the mountains, sugarloaf and the bay.

We order two hot chocolates and get sucked in by the beautiful little desserts again. Here they are a little different than in the other location. We settle on a Portuguese custard tart and a chocolate fudge sweet, both deadly and delicious.

I had a lot of really good hot chocolates in Rio with fantastic views but I think this was the tastiest of them all. This one didn’t come in a pot so I just had my one cup (again in a beautiful green, gold and white porcelain cup). It was beautiful and chocolately, not too sweet, more bitter and dark. What a way to end our trip to Rio.

Verdict: I said in an early blog that if in Rio you have to visit Confeitaria Colombo Centro. Well, you have to visit this one too. Bring your sunglasses and wait for a table on the terrace with the views. Confeitaria Colombo Café do Forte, Praca Cel Eugenio Franco, Copacabana, Brazil

Hot Chocolate at Confeteria Colombo (Centro), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

At 2.30pm we met in front of the Odeon theatre in the Centro to do a Rio Walks tour, a three hour walking tour that brought us around the centre, the exciting Lapa neighbourhood and the Grand Bazaar. One of the stops, and the stop I was most excited about, was Confeitaria Colombo.

Confeitaria Colombo is a stunning part of the heritage of the city of Rio. When it opened in 1894 two locals created this beautiful shop and café full of glamour and wealth usually only seen in Paris or London. The walls are lined with giant Belgian mirrors, Italian marble and rosewood furniture cover the large floor which itself is covered in beautiful blue yellow and brown tiles and a gorgeous multi-coloured glass skylight brings light in from above.  The café has seen royalty, heads of state. The Queen of England has even been here and enjoyed a cup of tea which she subsequently gave her seal of approval to.

But forget the tea, I want a hot chocolate.  The front of the café has a whole range of miniature desserts, probably 30 different types, everything from éclairs, fruit tarts but also may Brazilian and Portuguese classics. We order a few and wait impatiently.

After 10 minutes or so the staff, all dressed very elegantly in black and white, bring me a whole pot of hot chocolate and a beautiful white, gold and green porcelain cup and saucer. The hot chocolate was nice, really nice. It reminded me of hot chocoaltes in Paris actually, nice and chocolately but light enough that one could have many of these and everyday of the week. Because it came in a little pot I managed to get three little cups out of it.

Verdict: If you are in Rio, whatever you do, plan to have a drink at Confeitaria Colombo. The décor is stunning and unique, the desserts are to die for and the hot chocolate is excactly as it should be. Confeitaria Colombo, Rua Goncalves Dias, 21, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil