Hot Chocolate at Corowa Whisky and Chocolate, Corowa, Australia


Australians are lucky, well we are all lucky, that Australia has such stunning wine regions. Of these, Rutherglen is a small one, but a good one.

One of the great things about the wine regions in Australia is that they always seem to support a whole range of fantastic business that have nothing to do with wine, but which give you a break between multiple tastings. Corowa Whisky and Chocolate is one of these places, a unique place really since I have yet to hear of another spot that specializes in Whisky and Chocolate, especially one which is situated inside an old flour mill.




This place has a great story. The old flour mill that it’s in was sold to the current owners by the city of Corowa for one dollar. The condition was that it needed to be protected as it was a historic building. So in 2009 the owners started renovating this mill which had been abandoned since 1970. At the moment a small part of the building is being used to make and sell a whole range of chocolates made using organic Belgian chocolate. There is even a small room where children can create their own chocolates covered in multi-coloured spinkles (the Aussies call these Freckles). They have a very large café which serves food and, as would be expected, a hot chocolate.

The hot chocolate was made using their own blended chocolates, and was presented in a tall glass with a very large spoon. They lined the sides of the glass with chocolate and then fill it with hot milk. I found it a little sweet but a lot of fun.

IMG_7541 Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 10.59.12


After the hot chocolate we were hoping to move onto the Whisky but we will have to wait a bit longer unfortunately. They are still working on creating Australia’s first organic whisky, and once set up, will be serving and selling a very wide range of local and imported whiskies so stay tunned for more. They also plan to have Whisky and chocolate tours and on the weekends already have live music from 11am to 3pm.

We followed our hot chocolate stop with some award winning pies from nearby Parker Pies in Rutherglen and a visit to a few vineyards, which made for a pretty  good day if you ask me!


Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 10.59.05


Verdict: Maybe soon they will offer a whisky hot chocolate for the adults visiting. I will definetly be back for that! Corowa Whisky and Chocolate, 20-24 Steel St Corowa, Australia