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Hot chocolate at Qantas First Class Lounge, Sydney, Australia

I travel a lot, maybe too much, but one of the benefits of travelling so much is access to lounges. There are some nice lounges around the world but my favourite by far is the first class lounge for Qantas in Sydney Australia. Strangely enough this is probably also one of my favourite restaurants in the world! The lounge has a full service restaurant that is free of charge once you enter and has a whole range of delicious food with a view of downtown Sydney and the airport.

While waiting for my flight from Sydney to Dallas, I made the most of the opportunity to visit the restaurant in the lounge.  I started off with salt and pepper squid with green chilli sauce and then follow that up with Barramundi with capers, lemon and anchovy butter, butter baby leeks and speck both perfect. While waiting for my desert, there was plenty to watch outside.  A massive A380 waits in line on the runway to take off as a tiny 6 person private plane lands just in front of it. I watch a 777 for Air Canada arrive and park near by.  A catering truck makes its way to a Qantas 747 which turns out to be my plane home. My dessert then arrives, a gorgeous fruit platter followed by, of course, a Vittoria Hot Chocolate.

The hot chocolate was nice. It was hot and creamy. It was quite a light hot chocolate but after such a meal it was a perfect finish. It is presented in a small glass that at first is too hot to handle which is unfortunate because by the time I can pick it up the hot chocolate has already cooled down quite a bit. The chocolate is a little bit sweet for my liking but because it is presented in quite a small glass it makes a very nice dessert.


Verdict: If you have the opportunity to go into the lounge, arrive early so you can enjoy the meal and follow that up with a hot chocolate. Qantas First Class Lounge, Sydney International Airport, Australia (free of charge with entrance to lounge)

2 thoughts on “Hot chocolate at Qantas First Class Lounge, Sydney, Australia

  1. Thanks. Are you in Sydney? Or at least next time you are, try Flour and Stone in Woolloomooloo. And if you go at the right time of the day, get a Pannacotta Lamington at the same time. Yes, that’s right, lamingtons made with pannacotta.

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