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Hot Chocolate at Easy Tiger, Austin, USA

I love a lot of things about Easy Tiger. I love that it is in Austin (but wish it was closer to where I live!). I love that it is called Easy Tiger (what a great name). I love the décor which is warm, fun and inviting. I love that it has a duel personality. Upstairs is the bakery which serves an incredible array of baguettes and pretzels. Downstairs is a fantastic looking beer garden that serves countless beers , cured meats and sausages (All made in house). There is also a fantastic terrace outside just along a little river where in between beers you can also play table tennis on one of 2 tables. I love that everything is made fresh and that from the counter in the bakery you can watch the baker making and baking fresh bread. I ordered a pain au chocolate and it brought me right back to Paris. It was absolutely delicious.

The only thing I don’t like about Easy Tiger is the hot chocolate which, I am so sad to say, really wasn’t that great. It was just a very sweet drink and I only took a few sips before I decided to just focus on my incredible pain au chocolate instead. Rich had an expresso and loved it so it seems the only fault we could find (other than that there is only one Easy Tiger) was the hot chocolate.

Verdict: If I lived in Austin this is where you would find me at all hours of the day, not with a hot chocolate, but with a huge plate of pain au chocolate and cured meats. Easy Tiger, 709 East Sixth Street, Austin

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