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Hot Chocolate at Tattered Cover, Denver, Colorado, USA

We asked a friend what we need to do while visiting Denver. The first thing he told us was to visit Tattered Cover Book Store in historic lower downtown, or “LoDo”. So we did and we weren’t disappointed.

Tattered Cover Book Store started as a tiny little store in Denver over 40 years ago, and is now a massive independent book store spread over 2 large floors (with a third floor still available to keep putting books). It is by far the most stunning book store I have been in. Lots of exposed wood, with books everywhere. There are secret corners with old sofas and chairs with people lounging, reading a book or typing away on their computers.

I was not in the mood for a hot chocolate today, but I really wanted to share this spot with you so I decided to get one anyways. I wasn’t disappointed. It came in an old coffee mug, almost as if I was visiting someone’s home. It was warm and chocolately and made me happy instantly. I quickly wondered why I had ever questioned having a hot chocolate or not! We sat in some wooden chairs next to a small wooden table in the far right side corner of the book store. Next to us was a beautiful rich red sofa with black and white pictures hanging above it.

We spent a while here and after enjoying our drinks, bought a few magazines too for the flight home. The staff were fantastic and friendly, and they have two large signs above the cash that outline 10 reasons why you should shop at independent book stores. I wish there were more for us to choose from…and hope that all new independent book stores ensure that they sell good hot chocolate to help with the reading and buying.

Verdict: I love independent book stores and I love hot chocolate. So pretty much any combination of these two things is a winner for me! This was a stunning book store and a nice hot chocolate. What more can you ask for. http://www.tatteredcover.com

2 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate at Tattered Cover, Denver, Colorado, USA

  1. I work at the Lodo Tattered Cover. I’m so glad you enjoyed your visit. Come and see us again soon! Thank you for your kind words.

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