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Hot Chocolate at Goody’s, WinterPark, Colorado, USA

This past weekend we were in Winter Park Colorado for the wedding of two very good friends. It is such an odd feeling to stay in a ski resort in the middle of summer when there is no snow. I have always wondered what it is that people do. Turns out that Winterpark was filled with people, and over the four days that we were there they had a whole range of different festivals, craft fairs and events.

Up at the actual ski resort there is a surprisingly long list of things you can do. There is a slide that goes down the hill, mini golf, not to mention incredible cross country mountain biking and downhill biking tracks. There was also a corvette festival called “Vettes on the Rockies” which brought together dozens of corvettes and their owners, many of which were parked up here at the resort. The resort is also covered in fun looking restaurants and bars and the most fun looking of them all, Goody’s.

Goody’s is a family owned business that serves crepes, all natural ice cream and handmade sodas. The place looks fantastic and is not surprisingly filled with happy kids getting their daily sugar fix.

I asked for one of their hot chocolates with marshmallows and then got tempted by their sweets. They have many choices, from whoopee cakes, candied applies, crepes and ice cream. They have several cookie trays on the side with an honor system. Put 75 cents into the jar next to the cookies and you can take a cookie – their honesty system seems to work well. I can’t get past the cinnamon buns and end up getting both a hot chocolate and a cinnamon bun.

The cinnamon bun was incredible, one of the best I have ever had. The hot chocolate was nice too. Nothing too fancy but I can imagine that this would be heaven after a long day skiing, or to warm you up beforehand.

Verdict: Summer or Winter if you are anywhere near Winterpark plan a stop at Goody’s for anything really. You won’t regret it http://goodys-winterpark.com


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