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Hot Chocolate at High’s, Comfort TX, USA

Comfort must be the cutest little town in Texas. Established by German settlers in 1854, the main street is said to be one of the best preserved in all of Texas. We were here exploring the region on a long weekend (which was also a friend’s birthday).  Meyer’s Bed and Breakfast in Comfort seemed like a good, central place to be based, but it turned out to be so much more than that. Not only was the bed and breakfast gorgeous and the region full of interesting things to see and do, high street Comfort is so charming.  Each morning after breakfast we would walk down main street to High Café and Store.

High Café used to be the local firestation but it has been a café for many years now. The right side of the building has a range of seats and tables as well as a very interesting store with local products, wines and art. On the left side of the building is the café where they prepare a whole range of drinks and interesting snacks and meals as well. Out front there are two nice sitting areas in the shade, one on the porch directly in front of the café, the other on the side in the grass under a set of trees. From here you see many of the other charming little buildings on main street. The local barber, another B&B, some antique stores and a series of very interesting looking restaurants. (one called Comfortable has fantastic pizza and cactus juice, highly recommended).

The hot chocolate was made of Ghirardelli chocolate and I quite enjoyed it. A great “I could drink this often” hot chocolate, such a pleasant surprise.

Verdict: Hill Country in Texas is gorgeous for so many reasons, and sitting on the terrace of High’s Café and Store having a hot chocolate and admiring historic Comfort’s main street is definitely one of them. High’s, 726 High Street Comfort Texas www.highscafeandstore.com


2 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate at High’s, Comfort TX, USA

  1. I am, Denise one of the owner’s of High’s and just discovered this wonderful note about our Hot Chocolate! What a nice surprise, next time if there is one let me know that you are the writer and a free hot chocolate awaits you.

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