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Hot Chocolate at Filicori, New York City, USA

I had 20 minutes before my shuttle bus was supposed to leave for the airport right across from Grand Central Station, plenty of time for a good hot chocolate. New York was a bit of a mixed trip when it came to hot chocolate. I found some fantastic looking places while here, places I never had a chance to actually try because they were always full. So I was really looking for a good hot chocolate today.

I spent a good 15 minutes walking around the area looking for a cafe. Nothing…until I passed Filicori.  This cute little cafe had some free spots and a hot chocolate on the menu so of course I walked in.

There are things I liked about Filicori. I liked that I finally found a spot to sit and have a hot chocolate. I have never had that much trouble finding a hot chocolate in a big city, or any city before really. I liked the modern décor, and Filicori seems to only hire tall handsome men to work there which was also a nice treat. I liked that my hot chocolate came in a clear glass mug with a handle. I liked that my hot chocolate looked and smelt really good.

Then it all turned weird.

I found a table near the wall next to a couple having a business meeting. I squeezed in between the two tables to sit on the comfortable bench against the wall shared between several seats. The woman next to me had a big open purse taking up half my seat. I just figured since I bumped into it in order to sit in my seat that she would realize and move it since women are usually very protective of their purse. But no – nothing. Not wanting to say anything directly, I kept subtly bumping the purse as I organized myself, even pushing it a little with my jacket. It didn’t budge and she didn’t move it either. I’m not sure why I became so obsessed with this purse, perhaps it was my mood that day or being tired. I considered whether I should put my hand into her purse to see what was making it so heavy that I couldn’t move it and to see if she would then finally notice someone messing with her purse and move it but I decided it would be wise to focus on my hot chocolate instead.  Thing is, my hot chocolate, despite looking fantastic didn’t taste like much at all and I left after only having half of it.

Verdict: A great looking hot chocolate with not a lot of taste but they sell a range of macaroons in several colours that looked fantastic and I heard more than one positive comment about their coffees while sitting there obsessing about my neighbours purse. Filicori Zecchini, 21E 46th St., New York City, USA

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