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Hot Chocolate at Opila, Bilbao, Spain

I hadn’t planned to stop for a hot chocolate but when I passed this place I had no choice but to go in. Opila is a combination of two great things. It is a beautiful bakery full of different kinds of breads and a vast array of gorgeous looking desserts and sweets. On the other hand it is a fancy chocolate store with a wide range of homemade chocolate. These are two personalities that work well for me, it means that I can have my hot chocolate and eat it too!

I was relieved and excited when the man behind the counter told me they made their hot chocolates with their own chocolate. I ordered one and something sweet and made my way upstairs. The bakery area is on the ground floor with a few old fashion chairs. Upstairs is a much larger area which has a mix of different types of furniture including the headboard of an old bed which is now part of a sofa. The upstairs looks out over the river. From here I can see the locals running to the local bars wearing red and white. Tonight is a big game with the local football team.

A man downstairs makes my hot chocolate and puts it into a little elevator that brings it upstairs. Here a waitress picks it up and brings it to my table.  Just from looking at this one I could tell it would be good and it was. It is exceptional, exactly what I needed after a long day. It is beautifully rich and dark, very creamy and smooth. I have completely fallen in love with this little white cup. It isn’t too sweet, a touch bitter, it is perfect. And at 2 euros it is an incredible price!

Verdict: Right at this moment this is my perfect hot chocolate, but to drink it everyday would ruin it. Save this for when you need it and don’t rush it. Opila, Calle Viuda de Epaiza, Bilbao, Spain.

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