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Hot Chocolate at Bistro Guggenheim, Bilbao, Spain

After an afternoon of wandering in and out of rooms full of fascinating pieces of modern art, I made my way to the café on the first floor. Considering that the Guggenheim is all about innovation and art I expected a lot from the coffee shop. I expected a fantastic atmosphere with a delicious thick hot chocolate, the kind the Spanish do so well.

Perhaps I was expecting too much because the café completely failed to deliver. I am instantly disappointed when the woman behind the bar rips open a pouch of Nestle chocolate powder and mixes it with hot milk. To try to manage my disappointment I ordered two pinxos or small basque tapas that were spread out across the counter. Fortunately these were delicious.

There are some chairs inside the bar but it isn’t very interesting there. I went outside to the front of the museum where a handful of tables have been set up. Each has a green blanket placed over one chair to keep yourself warm if the weather turns cold. Above me is a roof with speakers that are playing a series of sounds which at one point sound like rain. In front of me is the large puppy covered in multicoloured flowers that makes the Guggenheim so famous. As I am leaving I notice a series of tables on a balcony at the back of the museum with a view across the river, a much better choice if you want to sit and enjoy the moment.

Verdict: The hot chocolate is disappointing for such an innovative spot but the pinxos were nice and the location is unique. The Guggenheim is impressive. Guggenheim, Bilbao, Spain Euros 2.13

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