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Hot Chocolate at Jo’s, Austin, USA

I like Austin. It has a cool, relaxed and colourful vibe to it that makes me happy whenever I visit. It is also full of unexpected surprises in the form of cafes, diners and restaurants. Jo’s was my hot chocolate find of the day. We were looking for a place to get a quick bite and a friend recommended it. I hadn’t planned on having a hot chocolate with lunch and since Jo’s looked like it was all about the food I had no expectations.

The hot chocolate was presented to me in a huge white mug, I call these hug mugs because when you hold them they almost feel like a nice big warm bear hug (if that makes any sense…it does to me). The hot chocolate is no frills, just my nice big warm mug filled up to the brim. I loved it. Funnily enough it took me back to France. It was hot, chocolately but not too much. It had a bit of a hazelnutty taste to it (I think it was Ghirardelli syrup). It wasn’t too sweet, the kind of hot chocolate I could wake up to every morning, something I say all the time when I’m in France but this is the first time I’ve found a hot chocolate like this in the US!

I ordered a Cuban sandwich, which came quickly and really hit the spot. The atmosphere at Jo’s is cool and relaxed. They also have a gorgeous terrace on a very busy and hip street surrounded by wine bars and restaurants.

Verdict: My new usual in Austin. Great hot chocolate (and cheap at $2.30!) but make sure they give it to you in their hug mugs and not a paper cup (like all coffee shops seem to want to do in this country). The mug is part of what makes this a nice hot chocolate. The food was great too.  Jo’s Hot Coffee and Good Food, 1300 South Congress Austin, Texas

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