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Hot Chocolate at Chocolate Chocolate, Cambridge, UK

I have passed this little chocolate store thousands of times in the past few years but never stopped. The reason? I’m not a big fan of chocolate. Surprised? My brother hated onions when he was young but loved onion bagels so this kind of behaviour runs in the family. Something happens to chocolate though when you add hot milk and a nice view. It becomes magical.

I have known for years that this little chocolate shop also sells hot chocolate. Right near the front they have a little machine that mixes it and keeps it hot. I never tried it because I feared it would just be too sweet. The whole stores smells sweet, gorgeous but sweet.

I finally tried their little shot today. The paper cup it comes in is really quite small and since there is no where to sit there, I walk outside trying not to spill it. I take my first sip. This little shot is pure sweet chocolate, it is by far the sweetest hot chocolate I have and am ever likely to taste in my life. I took a few more sips to see if I might get used to it and enjoy it more. I didn’t and couldn’t finish it.

Verdict: If you have a serious sweet tooth you will love this shot. If not skip the hot chocolate and try the homemade ice cream. The store is so cute anyways that it is worth a look around regardless. Chocolate Chocolate, 21 St. Andrews Street, Cambridge, UK £1.50

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