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Hot Chocolate at Princi, London, UK

When I think about my favourite hot chocolates, the one at Princi always comes to mind. Several times a week I used to go into this busy Italian bakery/coffee shop and if I could find a place to sit (never easy) I’d order myself one. It is chocolaty, gooey and delicious and comes in a little espresso cup. It is thick enough that you can choose to drink it (slowly) or eat it with a spoon. I absolutely love this hot chocolate.

Then one day last year, they stopped serving this hot chocolate. It was in summer time so I just assumed it was something they only offered in the winter. Coffee drinkers get coffee all year long so why would hot chocolate only be for winter? Anyways I let it pass because their desserts are so incredibly delicious that they were a good temporary replacement.

Then one day hot chocolates magically reappeared on the menu. Fantastic, I’ll have one please. Problem is, it isn’t the rich, chocolately treat it used to be, they have changed hot chocolates.

The new hot chocolate is still very good, still one of the best in London, but I think the one they had before was better. I enjoyed this but I miss my old Princi Hot Chocolate. I hope that wherever it went, it is happy.

Verdict: Princi’s old hot chocolate was a contender for the Ultimate hot chocolate for sure, and while the new one isn’t quite up to that standard, it’s pretty good too. If you are in London you have to go here, the atmosphere is fantastic and the food is delicious. Good luck choosing a dessert! Princi, 135 Wardour Street, London, UK £3.50


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