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Hot Chocolate Test (version 1.0)

Many years ago in a coffee shop in Melbourne, Australia the hot chocolate test was created. It was a way to rate the many, many hot chocolates that I drink around the world. I am constantly working on it, perfecting it, but as of today, this is where it stands…

The Facts: When did I drink it, where? No points, just setting the scene.

The Atmosphere: Where did I have this hot chocolate (-1 Not planning on going back, 0 It was fine, 1 Interesting with redeeming features, 2 I liked it a lot, 3 Fantastic!)

The Vehicle: Is the hot chocolate in a cup, a mug, a glass? It is presented in a special way? (-1 not good, 0 Just a mug, 1 As it should be)

The Taste: Sweet, dark, milk, the texture, the thickness, the experience. (-1 Not worth finishing, 0 Finished it but not happy, 1 Could drink again, 2 Could drink it everyday, 3 Yum yum, 4 Bliss)

The Temperature: You’d be amazed at how many non hot hot chocolates I have had. (-1 cold, 0 could be hotter, 1 Good)

The Story: Is it fair-trade, from an independent coffee shop. How does the brand speak to me. (0 Nothing interesting, 1 interesting story)

The Extras: On top it may have whip cream or fancy designs, perhaps a marshmallow or two. (-1 Detracts from the experience, 0 Nothing really, 1 Adds to the whole experience or doesn’t need it)

The Price: How much did I (or hopefully someone else) pay for this? (-1 Not worth it, 0 As it should be, 1 Worth it!)


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